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What Moves You?

I struggle with exercise. There. I said it. I was not an athletic child. It wasn’t until I started dancing as a teen that I was ever fit. Dance really changed my body because I enjoyed moving so much - It just happened! I was strong and muscular and felt great. I never thought of it as exercise.

Then, I went to college, got married, had a kid. Life took over. These days, working and having a preschooler keeps me busy. Carving out that time to work out was not a priority when I felt like I was struggling to just get through the day.

During the pandemic though, I knew it was the missing piece to being proactive with my health and immune system. I couldn’t say with confidence that I was doing everything to stay well, if I wasn’t exercising. So, armed with that knowledge and the other reasons below, I found new motivation to exercise. Let me tell you - it feels great! I want that for you, too. So, check out these reasons to exercise and find some movement you enjoy!


  • Kickstart your immune system - exercise keeps your immune system regularly on patrol, resulting in less frequent illness.

  • Enjoy your body - When you move, you feel how capable your body is. You can do amazing things!

  • Get strong - Whether you like the strong body look or need to literally do some heavy lifting, being strong is a great reason to exercise.

  • Condition your heart - The term “cardio” is all about the kind of movement that conditions your heart.

  • Feel good - Endorphins! Stress relief! Tension release! Yeah!)

  • Manage Pain - Many types of pain can be improved with the right kind of nourishing, strengthening, releasing movement.

  • Improve Blood Sugar Control - exercise improves insulin sensitivity in the short and long terms.

Why do you exercise? I’d love to hear what motivates you in the comments.

Need help getting motivated? That’s what I’m here for! Book NOW.


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