Feeding Kids &
Picky Eating

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We get it, you want to know that your child is eating enough. You want to make sure they are healthy and getting all of the nutrition they need. 

You want to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food. There may even be some rules you had growing up that you don't want to pass down... but what should the rules be? HOW do we feed kids in the best way?

The good news is, there are clear roles that you and your child each have. Learning to navigate and teach those will take the pressure off of you and the battles away from meal times.

Whether you’re feeding a child or yourself, grace and patience are extremely important. Picky eaters need to feel safe with food and need many exposures to new foods (without pressure). 


Program includes:

  • Nutrition guidance tailored to your unique needs

  • Guidance on creating a safe eating environment to try new foods

  • Discussion of textures and presentation

  • If you’re feeding a child, we will work on feeding dynamics that will help instead of harm.

  • Supplement recommendations to prevent nutrient deficiencies


Individual sessions: $130 per 50 minutes


3 sessions for $360 (save $30)

6 sessions for $650 (1 free!)

In Network with Aetna, BCBS, Cigna & Medicare