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Meal Planning

We offer custom, monthly meal plans for you and your family to cycle through every month. The plan is built around your preferences and caters to any dietary restrictions.

We get together to take some of your favorite recipes and turn them into a plan. You can even do your shopping in under 5 minutes!


It will include:

  • A lunch/dinner calendar,

  • Recipes,

  • Weekly grocery lists:

    • including meal ingredients, breakfast essentials & snacks

How does it reduce planning time?

You already know what's for dinner and have the groceries!

How does it reduce shopping time?

Your lists are already created for each week.

How does it reduce cooking time?

You will get more comfortable with your favorite recipes and cook them with more skill and ease.

Take the stress out of dinner time!

Book this service with:

Ronika or Emily


Custom, Monthly Meal Plan: $250


General meal planning guidance is often included in our work together in counseling sessions.

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