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Do you have a daughter or grand daughter who is struggling in this area? In a world of social media and rampant marketing, most teen girls are!

Give your daughter or granddaughter the gift of a foundation for lifelong confidence with her body and nutrition skills with my new class: Nutrition for Life.

We will cover:

~Nutrition 101 - how to nourish your body

~Healthy body image

~Intuitive eating

~Recognizing myths versus facts

~Navigating the holidays & more

Young ladies will finish this class with an appreciation of their bodies, acceptance and love for their bodies, & skills to navigate eating in a world full of misinformation.


The plan: 6 one hour group sessions plus 2 private sessions

The schedule: Online Wednesday nights at 8 pm.

Starts: 1/13/21

Ends: 2/24/21

Cost: $399 per participant or $299 if you have a BCBS/Cigna covered plan


*For little more than the cost of 2 private sessions, get 2 private sessions plus the 6 week online class.*

Small group size.

Next class starts 1/13/2021

Contact me to register.

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